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Shawn Michael - Hip Hop Artist


Shawn Michael

      Born and raised out of Greenwood SC Shawn Michael have also resided in Atlanta GA and Fort Lauderdale FL. Shawn was struck by the entertainment bug at the age of 8yrs old. his first performance was as a little drummer boy in his school play. Later in life he had the opportunity to explore his talent at the age of 12. his school had a talent show Shawns an his childhood home boy danced popped an locked but the crowd lost their mind when Shawn fell to the floor an did the worm across the gym floor at that time Shawn was a heavy set kid. Upon graduating JR high school he was awarded most talented.

      Shawns High school life was a major transition as an entertainer. Shawn continued to slay talent shows while beat boxing dancing and rapping for the next 7yrs as his lyrical skills was forming Shawn formed a rap group with a homeboy he met in high school they called their selves Abdul & Double D. These were the years rap was just becoming known, yes Shawn been in this rap game for many years. Soon after destroying any and all talent shows in a group he went solo with an all girl dance crew his rap stage name was Double D as he continued to do shows an open up as well as tour with whodini, Heavy D, full force, salt & peppa, Shawn is no stranger to long hrs in the studio as well as live performances. Shawn stopped performing for many years then decided to create a solo gospel rap album stage name was MSD and was signed to a label but they didn’t want to invest in the project properly.

       Shawn stopped once again during this time he had aquired a daughter  an life was smacking him in the face he had no time to create or perform all he could do at that time was  just sit back and watch the music world transition as hip hop became a household name. Shawn became a single father and raised his daughter and put everything on hold. God has blessed Shawn to grab this bull by the horn one more time. Shawn had to rebrand his self majorly from head to toe in an out as an artist in today’s music world.





Shawn Michael






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